Whatsapp Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Assistant Voll

Whatsapp Chatbot with Artificial Intelligence - Virtual Assistant Voll

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More agility in your online services


Technology is today the greatest ally in carrying out many automated and repetitive processes, and business service is no different. Chatbot Virtual Assistant is a technology that enables companies to provide a 24-hour service to their audience and automatically speed up the resolution of procedural and repetitive issues.

More than automated responses, a way to value your team's performance.

With the use of artificial intelligence, processes can be absorbed completely or partially by an automated service tool, and this means more time for the service team and more agility in service and greater readiness for the customer.

  • Automatic detection for transfer to human care.

  • Automatic and assisted learning feature.

  • Monitoring of service by the administrator.

  • Comprehension of audio messages.

  • Integration with systems through APIs.

  • Integration with the main artificial intelligences in the market: Watson, Google Dialogflow, Microsoft Louis, Wit, Voll Native Intelligence.


  • Multiple simultaneous appointments without the need for a human being.
  • Immediate customer service with 24-hour availability.
  • Time saving for the attendant with the execution of automated processes.
  • Cost reduction with service team.
  • It can be associated with all channels: Whatsapp, Telegram, Webchat, SMS and Messenger.


  • Scheduling appointments, meetings, appointments.

  • Issuance of bank slips and duplicate documents.

  • Follow up of calls, orders.

  • Automated online sales.